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Homework 3f — Structured Data

1. Pokemon

Write a program that queries the user for a sequence of Pokemon.

For each pokemon, the user will provide a name, type, and hit-points (HP) value.

The user provides an empty name to indicate they are done providing pokemon data.

Then the program queries the user for a pokemon type and prints the pokemon that has the maximum HP for that type.

Use the prompts and formatting as demonstrated in the example.


Name: Charmander
Type: Fire
HP: 39
Name: Squirtle
Type: Water
HP: 44
Name: Blastoise
Type: Water
HP: 79
Name: Charizard
Type: Fire
HP: 78
Name: Rattata
Type: Normal
HP: 30
Name: Mudkip
Type: Water
HP: 50
Get max HP for type: Water
Blastoise has the highest HP (79) for type Water.

2. Date Ideas

Write a program that helps the user organize date ideas.

Each idea has a description and a cost.

The user provides an empty idea to indicate they are done entering ideas.

Then the program queries the user for a maximum date cost and displays all the dates that are of equal or lesser cost.

Follow the prompts and formatting of the example.


Date idea: Running
Date cost: 0
Date idea: Ice Cream
Date cost: 15
Date idea: Bowling
Date cost: 20
Date idea: Fancy Dinner
Date cost: 70
Date idea: Hiking the Y
Date cost: 0
Date idea: 
Get max cost for date: 20
Here are all the dates below $20:
- Running costs $0.
- Ice Cream costs $15.
- Bowling costs $20.
- Hiking the Y costs $0.


Be sure you can pass the tests before you turn in the assignment. Review the guide on using pytest if you need to review using pytest and what to do if a test fails.


Date Ideas10

Manual grading will focus on decomposition, fluency, and appropriate use of tuples and unpacking.